Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Isul 5 l

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Isul is an extra virgin organic and gourmet olive oil, produced by Almazara Ecológica de la Rioja (, a family-owned business managed by three brothers based on their own land and oil mill. A genuine, healthy food with a pleasant palate and excellent nutritional value.

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*Only applicable to Isul Natural Cosmetics products
*Only applicable to Isul Natural Cosmetics products

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
This is a genuine, quality food possessing a pleasant palate and all the requirements that constitute excellent nutritional value.

Graccurris: 5 Liter Tin.

The quality of extra virgin olive oil is determined by, the agricultural land, the healthy olive, immediate grinding of the olive once it is picked, cold manufacturing, appropriate storage.

The organoleptic value (those properties that can be perceived by our senses) decreases the longer, the product remains in its packaging. Thus we recommend that the olive oil is consumed as soon as possible.

Isul is packaged without filtering to prevent wastage of its taste and smell characteristics, so small olive particles may appear in the bottom of the bottle.

Keep in a dark, dry place away from strong smells. In cold environments the oil may solidify, but its liquid state is recovered upon an increase in temperature.

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